Fall 2011 Course Announcements for Undergraduate Students

SOED-UE. 1050 (Class # 14508): LGBT Topics in Education: Identities, Coming Out and Current Issues in Schools
Instructor: Maggie Fay; Email: maggie.fay@nyu.edu
Units; Day & Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:15 pm; Location: Waverly 435
All undergraduate students from all schools are welcome to enroll in this course.
Course Description:
This course focuses on LGBT experiences and the ways in which LGBT young people experience school. The course is designed to help students develop vocabulary and a general understanding of LGBT identities, particularly as these identities are depicted through sexual identity development models and popular coming out narratives. The course also asks students to apply social theory to coming out narratives to gain a critical perspective on how LGBT identities are produced. Students will examine how schools have responded to issues relating to sexual and gender diversity. The course pays particular attention to obstacles to, and potential solutions for creating inclusive educational environments for LGBT people. In light of the past year’s spate of LGBT youth tragedies, the course will examine current issues including schools’ responses to bullying and the creation of additional support mechanisms for LGBT youth in schools. Please contact the course instructor, Maggie Fay (maggie.fay@nyu.edu), with any questions.

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