Fall 2011 Course Announcements for Graduate Students

OT-GE 2332 (Class # 1459): Treating Children with Sensory Regulatory Dysfunction
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units: Day & Time: July 5-12; 9:00-3:00pm; Location: Education, Room 1101
Course Description:
Examine relevant literature and research findings that supports treatment
of children with sensory regulatory difficulties in a variety of settings.
Students’ clinical and educational experiences are used as a basis to
examine the efficacy and effectiveness of intervention.

SOED-GE 2097 (Class # 2597): Latinos in Urban Schools
Instructor: Eddie Fergus, Ph.D.; Email: edward.fergus@nyu.edu
Units; Day & Time: Monday 4:55-6:35pm; Location: 194 Mercer Street, Room 210
Course Description:
The growing presence of Latinos in US public schools, specifically urban schools, begs targeted examination of their learning and social outcomes. Though often referred to as a pan-ethnic label, Latinos represent a myriad of nationalities, racial classifications and immigrant generations from North and South America. This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the varying sociological explanations of how and why social demographic factors among Latinos (immigrant status, generation, skin color, gender, class, language ability, and national group) operate in learning and social outcomes. This will involve engaging substantive theories (e.g., social and cultural reproduction theories, status attainment, cultural ecological theory, urban culture theories, etc.) in their explanations of Latino students’ learning and social outcomes.

OT-GE 2335 (Class #3073): Successful Intervention in Schools
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units; Day & Time: Mondays 6:45-8:25; Location: Education, Room 1101
Course Description:
Examine interventions that have an impact on therapy in the classroom. Students learn to identify strategies and methods that will assist in designing intervention plans that can be implemented in a classroom. They research effective strategies for ensuring best practice in a wide variety of educational systems. The deadline to register for this course is: June 30, 2011

OT-GE 3306 (Class #3106) Advanced Assessment for the Practicing Therapist
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units; Day & Time: Tuesdays 3:30-5:25 PM; Location: Education, Room 1106
Course Description:
Selection and use of an evidence-based evaluation system to measure practice outcomes and interpret clinical change.  This process requires selecting the tools for assessment of function based on achieved validity and to accurately interpret observations and measurements. The deadline to register for this course is: June 30, 2011

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