NYU Steinhardt MAP Courses for Fall 2010

Do you still need to fulfill MAP requirements? Are you looking for electives to add to your Fall schedule? NYU Steinhardt is offering a range of courses that will apply to MAP and are open for electives too. For more information and course descriptions go to http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/advisement/LAC

E52.0501 Learning and the Meaning of Life (same as E50.0010)

E52.0551 Culture Wars in America (same as E55.1033)

E52.0552 Education and the American Dreams: Historical Perspectives (same as E55.0610)

E52.0591 Intro to Media Studies (same as E59.0001)

E52.0592 History of Media and Communication (same as E59.0003)

E52.0593 Intro to Human Communication and Culture (same as E59.0005)

E52.0631 Survey of Developmental Psychology (same as E63.0010)

E52.0632 Introduction to Personality Theories (same as E63.0019)

E64.0091 American Sign Language I

E64.0092 American Sign Language II

E64.0093 American Sign Language III

E52.0941 Art: Practice and Ideas (same as E90.0010)

E52.0171 Introduction to Theatre as Art Form for Non-Majors (same as E17.0060)

E52.0331 Introduction to Human Physiology (same as E33.1068)