Wasserman Center Selective $1000 Award for Unpaid Internships

Doing an unpaid internship at a not-for-profit organization this spring? Want to get more
than just experience for your work? Career Development will consider students pursuing
unpaid internships during the Spring 2010 semester for a selective* $1,000 *award. ELIGIBILITY To apply, students must meet the following criteria: * Be a sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student with at least a 3.0 GPA * Already have secured an unpaid internship with a non-profit organization* for the semester, working a minimum of 7 hours per week over at least 10 weeks * Demonstrate financial need APPLICATION To be considered for this stipend, please complete and return: * Profile Form * Essay (criteria is on the Profile Form) * Supervisor Form * Current Resume All application forms can be found at http://www.nyu.edu/careerdevelopment/funded_internship.php Applications must be submitted in person to the Wasserman Center for Career for Development (133 East 13th St., 2nd floor) or via one complete email to fundedinternshipaward@nyu.edu by noon on*/ Wednesday, February 17, 2010/*. Only complete applications with profile form, essay, supervisor form and resume will be accepted. Awards will be announced by March 3, 2010.
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