Grad Students: Clean Up Your Research & Organizational Skills

Graduate Students:

Why not use Spring Break to "clean up" your research and organizational skills? The NYU Bobst Library is holding a series of workshops and clinics especially for graduate students. These sessions focus on core skills like:

*    Finding citations and expanding your research
*    Organizing your research using an easy personal database called RefWorks
*    Finding and ordering research materials from other institutions
*    …And much more

Some of the sessions are one-hour sessions on a single topic, while others are designed to give you a chance to get help with whatever questions you might have. All sessions are led by expert librarians, and take place in the Bobst Library computer labs on Lower Level 1. Classes are scheduled twice a day, every day, with early evening sessions for those coming from work or other engagements.

So you can’t go somewhere fun in the sun for Spring Break; you can still make the rest of your semester a little less stressful and a little easier.

Find all the details and sign up at:

For more information about what the NYU Libraries can do for Graduate Students, see your web front door:

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