Looking Forward to Spring

The days may be short and right now extremely cold but Spring semester is rapidly approaching and for me that means longer days, warmer temps, leaves on the trees and excuses to sit in the park and ruminate on the meaning of life or how the Yankees will do this year without Matsui.  But I digress, for students, the opportunities are endless.  Make sure you check the blog for updated information on graduation.  Deadlines on how to be the Student Speaker at your graduation ceremony, where and when to pick up tickets for your friends and family.  For our undergraduates, make sure you visit USG  to find out about the Annual Semi-Formal.  Steinhardt graduate student should be on the look out for networking events with GSO and  Deans Hour with our Student Affairs staff.
The Counseling & Student Services staff will offer an array of workshops throughout the semester to help with your academic success (undergrad, grad, or doctoral) and you should always be on the lookout for our Bagel Breakfasts and our weekly Tea @ 3. We hope you take advantage of the many opportunities to get to know your peers, faculty, and staff.  Ideas? Suggestions for workshops or events? Please let us know.
In the meantime, stay warm, stay healthy, and stay focused on the possibilities of Spring.
Jeanne Bannon, Director, NYU Steinhardt, Counseling & Student Services

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