Quick Notes for Effective Study Strategies

  • Set up regular times to study. Studying should become a habit, like going to the gym or getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth, part of your regular routine. Something you don’t even think about anymore.
  • Studying will also be more effective if you have more frequent shorter blocks of time rather than the ubiquitous "all-nighter".
  • Learn effective study strategies. Making charts, outline, highlight, color-code notes, rewrite notes, use index cards, etc.
  • And learn to read effectively.
    • Preview the material. Ask yourself what do you need to get out of the material.
    • Read the material but make it an active pursuit. Highlight, take notes, outline, answer questions that have been raised.
    • Review the material. Did you answer the questions you set up for yourself? Are you able to outline the material? A good exercise is to explain the material to someone else.
  • Do not sabotage yourself. Know yourself. If you are a night owl, then don’t set the alarm clock for 6 am. It just isn’t going to happen. If you are an early bird then don’t plan on staying up until 3 am. It just sets you up for failure.

Jeanne Bannon, Director of Counseling and Student Services, invites you to one of her Study Skills Workshops. Call or email her for an appointment at jeanne.bannon@nyu.edu or 998-5065.