Advisement for the Spring Semester

November marks the time in the semester to meet with your advisor to plan your Spring schedule, and to look forward to other opportunities for academic study. In preparation, it is important that you review some of the policies and procedures that guide your study; that you be aware of your progress toward completion of degree requirements; that you be prepared to discuss your next steps.

Advisement is a “right” and a “responsibility”, and is at its best when both you and your advisor work in partnership throughout the advisement process. As you plan, take advantage of opportunities that will enrich your academic experience:

The Collective Conversation on Advisement, Steinhardt’s group of faculty, advisors, student affairs staff, and students, will be meeting year long to engage together in conversation about advisement. The goal is to understand our different ways of delivering advisement in the School, and to improve advising services to students. The collective plans to define overarching principles that guide Steinhardt advisement, and complete a portfolio of best practices by department.

We say that advisement is at its best when both student and advisor work in partnership together. Would you take a few minutes to tell us what you think? What should be our guiding principles? Role of the student? Role of the advisor?

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