From the Associate Dean for Student Affairs

2009, a new year — change sure to abound

Energy, hope, optimism, ours to surround.

And among other things, I am so happy to welcome students new, students returning

To reading, writing, critical thinking, and learning,

To getting involved, staying informed, connecting

While considering new ideas, challenging differing opinions, and reflecting.

Spring semester 2009 will move at such a rate

May will be here — time to celebrate

The academic achievements of

Undergraduate and graduate students who will graduate.

But between now and then, you will be expected to retain

knowledge, skills, and attitudes passed along in our special scholarly domain.

Be an active participant, add rich dimensions to your studies and academic stages

Some of those opportunities spelled out on these pages.

Like the Dean’s Research Travel Colloquium, the Dean’s Grants for Student Research

And Study Abroad.

Visit, phone and <>.

My staff and I want to hear from you.

And by the way, remember, we are in Pless Hall on 2.

Patricia M. Carey

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