Residence Halls Open on August 24th! Be prepared!

For students living on campus in one of our dorms, you can plan to move into your dorm on August 24th.  Here are some basic things you should keep in mind for your move-in:

  • Plan on arriving during your reserved check-in time. You must register in advance via Check – in times are divided into 2 hour time blocks between 7:00am and 7:00pm and are granted on a basis of availability. While specific time blocks may fill up, every student will be able to reserve a check-in time.
  • Check the weather and traffic forecasts for lower Manhattan, and plan accordingly. New York City parking rules are complicated and are not suspended during check-in.
  • Plan on arriving during your reserved check-in time. You must register in advance via
  • NYU Public Safety Officers and University volunteers will be directing traffic and showing you the way to check-in.
    An NYU Public Safety Officer will guide your vehicle into a TEMPORARY unloading zone. As soon as a vehicle is unloaded, it must be moved out of the unloading area. For a list of nearby parking locations click here.
  • Prepare for a long day. It may be hot and humid, or cool and raining. Either way, it is likely that hundreds of residents and family members will be waiting in long lines to check-in and use the elevators. Patience and a sense of humor will be invaluable assets to carry with you throughout the day.
  • Predetermine what is really necessary to bring on check-in day. Seasonal items that are not needed for the first few weeks of the school year can be brought in sometime after check-in day when there is no long line for an elevator, or you could ship them to the building so they arrive after you check-in. Please note, packages delivered before you arrive cannot be accepted and will be returned to sender.

More important information about moving in can be found here.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!