Instant Gratification 2013 / 24-Hour Play Festival in Pictures

By Jonathan Jones

On Saturday, September 7th, the Program in Educational Theatre kicked off the 2013-2014 school year with our annual Welcome Party and Instant Gratification: the 24-Hour Play Festival. Here are some pictures from the performances:

Playwrights and Directors introduce themselves. From Left to Right: Micaela Blei, Jenna Briedis, Kathleen Turner, Daphnie Sicre, Oriana Miles, Marco Santarelli, Lyssa Deehan, and Robert Stevenson.


“The Story of Jack” by Robert Stevenson; Directed by Lyssa Deehan

Featuring: Liana Costable, Luke Doyle, Chelsea Flores, and Haven Mitchell-Rose






















“Living With It” by Jenna Briedis; Directed by Corey Rubel

Featuring: Crystal Gulley, Elizabeth Lozada, Gala Radinovic, Patti Veconi, and Charlie Wright














“Inconclusive” by Daphnie Sicre; Directed by Kathleen Turner

Featuring: Jenny Aaron, Alexis Lounsbury, and Owen Scott































“The ELf with the Iron Fist” by Marco Santarelli; Directed by Oriana Miles

Featuring: Brigid Donovan, Gina Grandi, and Catherine Talton













“The Physicist Always Rings Twice” by Micaela Blei; Directed by Katie McSherry

Featuring: Andrew Anzel, Kordell Draper, Kaylin Hawkins, Melanie Ridgway, and Emma Vissicchio