Instant Gratfication 2016: Luck of the Draw

Our annual 24-hour play festival, Instant Gratification, kicked off the 2016/2017 school year. Produced by Ashley Hamilton, adjunct faculty and doctoral candidate, the event employed the talents of four student playwrights, 4 student directors, and 11 student actors. Images from the productions follow (photos by Jonathan Jones):

Lilly Stannard and Marc Lussier appear in Izzy Batts' "McVille Majesty," directed by Evangeline Lu.

Jordan Bialik and Hannah Dorph appear in Jonaya Kemper's "Carter," directed by Hayley Sherwood.

Emma Burnham, Samantha Rosenblatt, Jessica Cressionnie, and Lizzie Boscolo appear in Alyssa Oltmanns' "Mercury Retrograde," directed by Amanda Fahey.

Marissa Ontiveros, Maggie Bussand, and Jiawen Hu appear in Rai Arsa Artha's "Side Honey Honeymoon," directed by Melissa Gabilanes.

Instant Gratification – Fall 2015

We kicked off our annual performance season with Instant Gratification, our 24-hour play festival. This year, the playwrights were asked to create an instillation using provided objects on the theme of childhood. Here are some images of the playwrights and their installations.

Instant Gratification 2014 – 24 Hour Play Festival

All Photos by Jonathan Jones

Instant Gratification 2013 / 24-Hour Play Festival in Pictures

By Jonathan Jones

On Saturday, September 7th, the Program in Educational Theatre kicked off the 2013-2014 school year with our annual Welcome Party and Instant Gratification: the 24-Hour Play Festival. Here are some pictures from the performances:

Playwrights and Directors introduce themselves. From Left to Right: Micaela Blei, Jenna Briedis, Kathleen Turner, Daphnie Sicre, Oriana Miles, Marco Santarelli, Lyssa Deehan, and Robert Stevenson.


“The Story of Jack” by Robert Stevenson; Directed by Lyssa Deehan

Featuring: Liana Costable, Luke Doyle, Chelsea Flores, and Haven Mitchell-Rose






















“Living With It” by Jenna Briedis; Directed by Corey Rubel

Featuring: Crystal Gulley, Elizabeth Lozada, Gala Radinovic, Patti Veconi, and Charlie Wright














“Inconclusive” by Daphnie Sicre; Directed by Kathleen Turner

Featuring: Jenny Aaron, Alexis Lounsbury, and Owen Scott































“The ELf with the Iron Fist” by Marco Santarelli; Directed by Oriana Miles

Featuring: Brigid Donovan, Gina Grandi, and Catherine Talton













“The Physicist Always Rings Twice” by Micaela Blei; Directed by Katie McSherry

Featuring: Andrew Anzel, Kordell Draper, Kaylin Hawkins, Melanie Ridgway, and Emma Vissicchio