Student Life: Events and Activities

First Years Come Together

First year students came together after a summer of rigorous coursework at an end- of-summer celebration. They were able to get to know each other on a more personal level, and form friendships and bonds that will last them throughout their time at NYU and beyond.

Student Presents at APTA Next Conference

Over the Summer, Physical Therapy PhD student, Eglal  Y.  Ali  (shown with Dr. Marilyn Moffat) attended the American Physical  Therapy Association NEXT 2016 Conference and Symposium,  held  June  8–11  in  Nashville,  TN. Eglal was invited to present a poster highlighting her research titled Reliability of a New  Clinical Gait Assessment Scale for Children with Idiopathic Toe Walking Gait, as a part of the pediatric section. The department congratulates Eglal on her achievement!

Moo Crew Team Basketball and Study Group

First year DPT student Nora Elbassiony has found a great way to build camaraderie with her cohorts by forming the Moo Crew Basketball Team! This unisex intramurals team (5 men & 7 women) boasts a 3-1 record and they are win- ners both on the court and in the classroom. The Team has morphed into a study group, playing every Monday night and studying together 3-4 hours prior to every game!

Staying Competitive

Intramural sports in the department have proven a popular way to gather stu- dents to let off  some  stress and let out some energy after long days of clinicals, classes, and studying. Sports played include basketball, volleyball, and flag football. Teams consist of  first, second, and third year  students who play every Monday night. Before they play, they gather in the department common areas to complete assignments and have a study group, then head out to games together. It has taught them how to work together as a team both in and out of the classroom!


NYU Students Promote  PT!

To celebrate National PT Month (October), students Yera Patel and Michelle Haro went to Good Morning America to advocate for the “Choose PT” campaign, which encourages the use of PT over opioid prescriptions.




Lipsync Battle

In Spring 2016, the first-year NYU DPT class  held the first annual Lip Sync Battle. The turnout was great as the room filled up quickly with faculty, staff, and students leaving standing- room only. Teams from across NYU, included two first-year DPT student teams, one third- year DPT student team, and one Speech Therapy student team. The night opened with NYU DPT staff and faculty members – the lovely Peggy and Dr. Rao – singing “My House” by Flo Rida to welcome everyone to “Our House”!

The night continued with the first DPT team (first-year men) dancing and lip syncing to a medley of songs including Backstreet Boys and “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson. They were followed by the second DPT team (first-year women) who produced the most well prepared dance of the night to another medley of songs including Biggie Smalls!

The Speech Therapy team followed up with the most creative battle of the night crooning their medley of songs with a running theme of speech-related music! The night closed with the final DPT team (third-year men) who    broughttheir suave dance moves to the floor with their own medley including the “Whip and Nae Nae”.

The night was a success thanks to everyone involved including all four judges representing the NYU DPT program. The first annual NYU DPT Lip Sync Battle was a hit and will continue to grow as the years go on!






Posted: December 13th, 2016