PT Alumni Notes

Emil Berengut, (DPT 2009)
Emil is excited to be a mentor in the first ever Oncology Physical Therapy Residency Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and they are very proud of the first resident who is also a NYU DPT graduate! Additionally, Emil is in the running for the Member at Large for Oncology Section and he is happy that Oncology has been recognized as a specialty by the ABPTS—“an important achievement for the Oncology Section, our patients, and our profession!”

Carolyn Chikazunga (Carrington), (Cert  1967)
Carolyn works part time in home care on Long Island, and still loves being a PT!

Melissa Chung (DPT  2005)
Melissa is having an exciting year—she recently presented a professional poster, “Transdisciplinary Individualized Patient Protocol in the Inpatient Brain Injury Population” at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Conference in Dallas and at the International Brain Injury Association Congress in the Netherlands! For the last four semesters, Melissa has participated as an adjunct teaching assistant in the Neuromuscular Examination and Intervention courses. She is also newly engaged and will marry in 2017!

Jeannie Davis (BS/Cert 1974)
Jeannie currently works in the training and education department for clinical systems at Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena, California where she runs their internal education unit, Epic University. She supervises staff that does data entry for Southern California Kaiser classes, teaches Presentation Skills and Medical Terminology as well as other projects. Jeannie remains active in the California American Physical Therapy Association (member since 1973) and sits on a state committee for membership and communication. She attends her state PT conference every year.

Jeannie is also the proud grandmother of two girls living in the Portland, Oregon area and closer to home enjoys sleepovers with her 2 ½ year old grandson, Tyler and anticipates the birth of a second grandson in April 2017! Jeannie continues to be active, working out daily, enjoying line dancing, hiking, speed walking, stretching and some yoga. In addition, international travel has become her passion—earlier this year she toured South Africa (see giraffes) Next year…Southern Asia!

Brianne Etter (DPT 2013)
Brianne and her husband Van Betta welcomed their second child, Cameron James, on April 4, 2016.

Sheryl Flynn (BS 1991)
Sheryl’s company Blue Marble Health recently launched a balance and fall prevention app for older adults and those living with balance impairments caused by chronic disease. The mission of the app is to prevent a million falls. All are invited to support the cause by watching our video of the app at!

Estherose Heyman (Cert 1967)
Estherose continues to work as a home care PT a little bit (and still loves it). She needs time to assist her husband who has Parkinson’s. They have happily moved to an adult community. Estherose wonders if any of her classmates are still working and looks forward to “our” 50th reunion!

Jerry Monaco (Ortho-Res 2011)
Jerry is currently a Faculty Instructor in the Select Medical Orthopedic Residency Program, and he’s looking forward to completing his transitional DPT degree at Arcadia University in Spring 2017!

Maynell Palmer (DPT 2004)
Maynell recently became the Wellness Coordinator for Las Lomitas School District, in Menlo Park, California. Her role is to lead the district initiative to improve the health and wellness of all students and staff in the school district with the focus of implementing programs that address the components of the Coordinated School Health Model.

Andy (Andrew) Sabatier (DPT 2013)
Andy is currently Lead Physical Therapist, Critical Care at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon!

Trudy (Gertrude) Schwarz (Cert 51)
At the age of 97, Trudy has finally moved into a retirement community, how- ever, until her move, she was still driving and volunteering at a nursing home where she purchased hundreds of different items for the residents and sold them at discounted prices. Although she has given up her car, Trudy remains active and volunteers at her new facility!

Jessica Schwartz (Ortho Res 2011)
Jessica Schwartz appeared on the NBC Nightly News in 2013 for her work with patients living with amputations, she was in a car accident resulting in a concussion. The seemingly benign fender bender resulted in 14 months of rehabilitation recovering, from post-concussion syndrome. During that time, she experienced the profound dichotomy of being an NYU residency trained orthopedic physical therapist and patient. Since her recovery she has become a voice for the voiceless advocating for patients living with brain injury edu-cating the healthcare community through a new lens.

In January of 2015, Dr. Schwartz was honored to be nominated and accept the role of National Spokeswoman for the APTA, a group of professionally media-trained physical therapists, representing various specialties and geographic locations who serve as primary spokespersons for the organization.

In March of 2016, in collaboration with Evidence In Motion, she launched what she believes to be the worlds first post-professional, interdisciplinary and yearlong concussion education program for clinicians. She was honored to be the keynote speaker for the annual Brain Injury Association conference and humbled by the emotional response from the audience in June of 2016. On October 25th, she accepted the Corporate Citizen award from the Brain Injury Association at the Manhattan Penthouse for her dedication to bridging the gaps between the healthcare disparities and the patient experience for those afflicted with the long-term sequelae of concussion and TBI.

“When I learned that 2015 was the first formal didactic year that neurology residencies received training in concussion, I knew I had to be a part of the solution to the rampant patient mismanagement on an international level. I’m humbled by the opportunity to serve, collaborate, and educate clinicians with a focus on function and patient outcomes.”

Aisha  Sheikh  (MA 2016)
Aisha is currently in the process of publishing the study she completed at NYU, and is also working with clinical trials in ALS at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Phil  Smythe  (Cert 1973)
Phil retired in 2012 after 39 years of working in this great profession of Physical Therapy, but he hasn’t slowed down! Presently, he works as an instructor for the Central Michigan University’s DPT program at their off-site campus at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI. Phil has a 2-year old granddaughter to whom he is devoted and he eagerly anticipates the birth of a second granddaughter on the way any day now!

Adrienne  Telemaque  (BS 1982)
Adrienne presently works as a PT as well as a pilates instructor in Basel Switzerland. She also works with the Basel Theater Ballet School professional dance program in dance medicine and injury prevention.

Megan Wise (DPT 2015)
Megan recently opened her own practice, Move Wise Physical Therapy, a private physical therapy clinic and consultation service. The practice focuses on the young dance community with a mission to create safe, strong dancers from a young age, preventing injury through proper instruction, safe training, and a solid understanding of their bodies; however, it is open to all. Megan’s ultimate vision is to help dancers and the community to Move Wiser, Perform Wiser and Function Wiser! Visit her website at


















Posted: December 7th, 2016