Upcoming Publication in Developmental Psychology Journal

by Megan Zhang

A paper by NEL’s Amanda Roy and Cybele Raver, along with Dana McCoy, has been published online! The article, titled “Instability Versus Quality: Residential Mobility,Neighborhood Poverty, and Children’s Self-Regulation,” discusses the effects of moving on children.

In the paper, Roy, Raver, and McCoy use data from the Chicago School Readiness Project to determine whether children had relocated or not in recent years. Previous research has found that moving has adverse effects on children’s development, but the paper takes a closer look at the specific relationship between relocation and children’s self-regulation. In a nutshell, the paper discusses the finding that moving out of a low-income neighborhood is actually protective–in other words, leaving a low-income neighborhood has a more positive effect on children than remaining in a low-income neighborhood. On the other hand, children who moved and ended up in high-poverty neighborhoods worsened in terms of self-regulation. All in all, not all relocations are created equal. The effects of moving on children depend on the origin neighborhoods and the destination neighborhoods.

Read the paper online here. Look out for the paper in an upcoming publication of Developmental Psychology later in 2014!