Take Part in Our Community Outreach!

by Megan Zhang

As part of the Neuroscience and Education Lab’s community outreach efforts, we want to share with schools, childcare centers, teachers, and parents what we have learned about executive function through our research initiatives. One of the ways in which we aim to disseminate our findings and aid the community is by visiting schools to give brief presentations about children’s executive function.

What Is Executive Function?

Executive function is a set of skills that children use when they follow directions, plan ahead, and keep their emotions under control. Such skills include working memory, ability to shift attention, and ability to remain focused, and executive function goes hand-in-hand with self-regulation. These skills develop during early childhood and have been shown to be extremely critical for future academic success.

What Is the Presentation About?

During the presentation, at least two members of our lab will visit your school and give a 15-20 minute presentation discussing executive function and self-regulation, the effects these skills have on future academic performance, and some ways to improve them during early childhood. We will also discuss our lab’s current study, which uses new computer games designed to measure executive function in 3-to-5 year olds from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. If the children at your center or school would like to get involved, we’d love to bring you onboard.

How Can I Sign Up?

If you’d like us to pay a visit to your school for a brief presentation, contact Diana Andrade at 212-998-5198 or da841@nyu.edu. We’d love to hear from you!