Look Out for an Upcoming Publication in the Annual Review of Psychology!

by Megan Zhang

NEL’s principal investigators Drs. Clancy Blair and Cybele Raver’s paper, titled “School readiness and self-regulation: A developmental psychobiological approach” is soon to be published in the Annual Review of Psychology.

The article focuses on the concept of self-regulation, as it is the underlying foundation for school readiness. Self-regulation allows children to transition smoothly to school life and to stay focused and engaged during learning. The article also discusses research indicating that self-regulatory abilities often set the stage for school readiness and that self-regulation is shaped by biological and behavioral developmental processes.

Furthermore, the article sheds light on research that indicates the correlation between poverty and gaps in school readiness, and discusses effective ways to address the negative effects that poverty has on childhood development. The article also highlights advancements in neurobiology that have enhanced research on self-regulation and school readiness.

Look out for Dr. Blair and Dr. Raver’s paper in an upcoming issue of the Annual Review of Psychology!