Dr. Clancy Blair To Give Speech at Stanford University on April 30th

by Megan Zhang

NEL’s principal investigator Dr. Clancy Blair will be speaking at the colloquium series of the Department of Psychology at Stanford University on April 30th, this coming Wednesday, at 3:30pm EDT. His talk is titled “Psychobiology of Self‐Regulation: Stress Physiology and the Development of Executive Functions In Early Childhood.”

The main purpose of Dr. Blair’s talk is to discuss the consequences that early stress may pose for children’s executive functions, which are a set of cognitive processes that include working memory, problem solving, and reasoning. Dr. Blair will introduce a psychobiological model of self-regulation development which evaluates children’s executive functions on attentional, emotional, physiological, and genetic levels of analysis. Data supporting the model was collected from a prospective longitudinal sample of 1,292 children from predominantly low-income and non-urban communities in two highly impoverished regions of the U.S. In further support of the model, Dr. Blair will also present findings from two recently completed randomized controlled trials of an innovative early education curriculum called “Tools of the Mind.”

Check back after April 30th   for more information on Dr. Blair’s talk!