Welcome to the Official NEL Blog!

Welcome to the official blog for NYU’s Neuroscience & Education Lab!

As part of NYU Steinhardt’s Institute of Human Development and Social Change initiative, NEL conducts research on a variety of topics involving childhood development, ranging from educational success to toxic stress.

Here is a brief overview of our main projects:

  • The ABC study collaborates with two Early Head Start partners to study the role that Early Head Start can play in supporting parenting and buffering children from the negative effects of toxic stress.
  • The ToolsK study seeks to understand how children best learn in kindergarten and succeed in school.
  • The ToolsELL Project focuses on how different teaching practices influence preschool children’s early academic development among English language learners.
  • The Family Life Project seeks to develop a better understanding of how growing up in rural areas might influence the development of children and their families.
  • The Chicago School Readiness Project (CSRP) aims to improve low-income, preschool-aged children’s chances of success in school through a comprehensive, classroom-based intervention.

Here are some examples of our findings:

  1. Early stress in the lives of children living in poverty affect how these children develop executive functions, which are a set of cognitive processes that include working memory, reasoning, and problem solving. Executive functions are critical for school readiness.
  2. There is neuroscientific evidence that chronic stressors associated with poverty-related adversity exert their influence through neuroendocrine pathways.
  3. Young children who persistently exhibit disruptive behavior in the classroom are often less engaged and less positive about learning, and they tend to have fewer opportunities for learning from peers and teachers.

Stay tuned for more updates on NEL’s work!

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