Gear Blog: Roland Octopad “Pad-8”

This is a segment of our blog where we feature awesome gear that is widely used within the music industry that is also available for our students to check out in our Monitor’s closet during their studio time! This week: Roland Octopad “Pad-8”

The first model of the Roland Octopad series was introduced in 1985 with the Pad-8. It was a historic and influential piece of technology at the time, allowing drummers and percussionists the opportunity to trigger virtually any MIDI sound source without the need of a full electronic drum set. Connect the Pad-8 to your laptop in Ableton or any similar DAW to play all of your samples and loops!

Students in the past have used the Pad-8 to perform in the annual Bleep Bloop concert with the NYU Composer’s Collective and in the Electronic Music Performance class within Music Technology!

Pad-8 Video Demo:
Picture of Roland Octopad Pad-8

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