Music Tech Artists: ‘Evans’


A few weeks ago we sat in on a session with a number of Music Technology students at The Cutting Room to see what they’ve been up to. NYU Music Composition student Jonathan Evans and his band Evans are recording their first EP under their new name, with Music Technology senior Josh Liebman as head engineer. An intern at The Cutting Room, Josh has access to a pretty incredible space that’s given the group the opportunity to try out some unique recording techniques.

Walking down the hallway into the mixing room, there was a maze of microphones, cables and guitar amps. To compliment the band’s retro-pop style, Josh wanted to keep the band together during the recording, while still getting a clean, modern mix. With the drums recording in the main room, the lead guitar amp was recording in another isolated booth. Then with rhythm guitar amp being recorded in the hallway and the bass going into a DI Box, there was nobody allowed in or out once the group started recording.

Josh Liebman, Music Tech Senior

Both the band and the studio have a deep affiliation with the Music Technology program. Alumnus Matt Lau is on bass, and current seniors Jake Zacharia and Torin Geller on drums and rhythm guitar, respectively. The Cutting Room itself was founded by alumnus David Crafa in 1996, and has been offering opportunities to students from the program since. We’re excited to see more students getting involved with this iconic New York studio in 2017.

Jonathan Evans, Music Composition

Matt Lau, Music Tech Alumnus