SONYC in the News

The SONYC project, a research initiative bringing together researchers from MARLTandon, CUSP and OSU, is in the news these days, with articles popping up on The New York TimesWNYC, and Wired (Italy). The project is launching the first phase of a 5 year program with the goal of changing the way noise pollution is monitored and analyzed in New York City. Using a network of microphones to record the various breeds of urban annoyances, Music Tech’s own Juan Bello and his team are creating novel technologies for the automatic identification of sound sources throughout the city.

The project has received a generous $4.6 million grant from the National Science Foundation, and there’s a lot of excitement around its agenda from New Yorkers that know too well the agony that is noise pollution. For more information on the team and the technology involved, see NYU’s news release and the SONYC website.