Adobe Max Sneaks: Photoshop for Audio

Last month at the Adobe Max Creativity Conference, developers introduced various new “sneaks” that they’ve been working on. While the software was focused mostly on film and photography, two of the utilities may become of interest to music technologists. “VoCo” is a new tool that is being nicknamed ‘Photoshop for Audio.’ Users can import speech recordings and rearrange the order of the text. Thing get more spooky after establishing a linguistic profile for the speaker, when one can type completely different phrases from the original dialogue and generate a new recording. This opens up a whole knew level of correction for film and voiceover work. Filmmakers will be impressed with Adobe’s other new tool, “Syncmaster,” which takes music analysis to a new level. By splittingimported music into three bands, Syncmaster automatically detects the most significant sections of a song. From there, it establishes visual cue points that editors can use as a map for positioning video footage. Editors can now sync clips to music in seconds without even having to scrub through the footage.

For more info on these projects and the other Adobe ‘Sneaks,’ visit the Adobe blog.