Music Tech 2012 Open House Recap

Last Saturday the Music Technology Open house filled the 6th floor conference room and James L. Dolan Recording studio with artistic and scientific research and productions.
At the end of the event, Music Technology faculty handed out several awards:

  • Outstanding Student of 2012: Alan Johnson
  • Academic Excellence: Zhengshan Shi
  • Distinguished Service to the Program: Areti Andreopoulou

There were many excellent projects presented at the Open House, but the Music Technology faculty were charged with choosing only two to highlight with Awards:

  • Best undergraduate student project: Nicholas R Chomowicz; Chom 1000, polyphonic synthesizer with conductive fingerboard pitch control
  • Best graduate student project: Senem Pirler, Einat Korman & Laura Dickens Dots: 3D Sound for a 2D Animation

Congratulations to all award recipients, and thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Music Technology program last Saturday!