Trans Women are Their Stories To Tell: My Facebook Post about Chimamanda Adichie

In response to Chimamanda Adichie’s remarks about trans women being a type of woman, I made a decision and posted a sensationalist newspaper article (that was limited in scope) and made a uni-dimensional comment that was far too casual and brimming with ignorance about trans women and their lived experience. For a population that experiences […]

Fragile and afraid

It is quite common during our work exploring issues of race, power, and privilege with schools around the country for white participants to suggest we should shy away from inflammatory terms like “white privilege.” They assert, by avoiding being provocative, we could rally more folks around efforts to address inequity. Exerting the very privilege they […]

Parent Workshops for the College and Career Process

At the College Prep Academy, we know how important and valuable our parents are in the process of career and college planning.  This past year- through a grant from the Voya Pinkerton and Meringoff Foundations- we have been able to expand our outreach and services to our parents. As a result, our high school seniors […]

Engaging the Power of Interests

NYC Subways Bearded dragons King Tut Shrubbery 18th century architecture Power lines Ukuleles Zip codes Just a few of the topics I now know a great deal about thanks to individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  This tendency towards unique, focused areas of interest is one of the hallmarks of individuals on the autism spectrum; […]

College Applications and the Essay

Now is the time most high school juniors begin their college planning process.   As the March and April tests bear down upon us, everyone at home or at school seems to be debating whether to take the ACT or the SAT (or both).  Some juniors are heavily immersed in discussions with family about the college […]

College Application Smart Apps and Digital Resources for Students and Parents

The college application process can be complex and overwhelming for both parents and students. The process has accelerated so much that high school juniors and seniors find themselves  working tirelessly to research colleges that would be a good fit while preparing for the required and or optional standardized tests (ACT, SAT, and SAT II Subject […]

Why We’re Marching in the People’s March for Education

Existing as a human, yet using every tool in your capacity to consistently fight back narratives, practices, and systems that fail to recognize your humanity is exhausting. This is what advocates that are members of marginalized groups do daily. We (the collective we refers to members of marginalized groups) are constantly attempting to shift the […]

New York State is Robbing Our Children of an Adequate Education: See How Much They’re Trying to Deny Your Local School

State Education Department officials released information stating that New York State owed its students $4.3 billion in educational funding. Four-point-three-BILLION. The number isn’t even fathomable. What does $4.3 Billion look like? What could education transform into with $4.3 billion? How much is owed to my school? There’s an app for that. With the Public Policy […]

Transgender Students Facing Erasure from Schools Under Trump

Dear Friends, BREAKING: On February 10, just two days after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as Attorney General, the Department of Justice took a first step toward dropping their defense of the transgender student guidance in court. While the guidance is still in place, this is a major signal that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is […]