Rhonda Erica Baylor-Celey

Howard University

Rhonda Erica Baylor-Celey is an educational psychology Ph.D. candidate and an education research analyst with an expertise in testing and assessments. A graduate of Harvard University, Rhonda has published in both The Journal of Negro Education and New Directions for Higher Education.

Dissertation Title: Factors that Predict the Research Activities of Black Ph.D. Students

Dissertation Abstract: Engagement in research and scholarship is a very important component of American doctoral programs. However, many experts and employers have reported that a considerable number of graduate students who emerge from universities today do not have basic sufficient research skills. The purpose of Rhonda’s study is to gain a more thorough understanding of factors that predict research activities of Black Ph.D. students. More specifically, the study will examine the role of research training environment, academic advising perception, research self-efficacy, and gender as those variables relate to research activities. In her study, research activity is defined as engaging in publishing, presenting at conferences, collecting data, and analyzing data. The study is important for various reasons. It is imperative for Black students to build their research skills so that they will be competitive and able to actively engage in the post graduate market. The study will use a quantitative ex-post facto, survey design with a targeted sample of 200 participants. The purpose of a survey design study is to use a sample to draw inferences about a larger population’s characteristics, attitudes, and behavior. All of the questions are close ended. With the exception of the background questionnaire questions, all questions are categorical. A moderation regression will be conducted for this study.