Oscar Patron

University of Pittsburgh

Oscar Patron is a Ph.D. candidate in Administrative and Policy Studies in the School of Education. As an undergraduate student, Oscar worked at the Latinx Studies department, further developing his passion and commitment to bettering the educational experiences of the Latinx community. Oscar is completing his dissertation, which investigates the resilience processes that queer Latino collegians undergo in relation to their social identities and surrounding contexts

Dissertation Title: Queering while Racializing Traditional Conceptions of Resilience through the Experiences of Queer Latino Collegians

Dissertation Abstract: The purpose of Oscar’s dissertation study is two-fold. First, he explores what he argues are processes of resilience that queer Latino male collegians undergo throughout their educational trajectories. He is interested in understanding the way that their most salient social identities and surrounding contexts, among other things, intersect and influence their resilience. Second, his investigation challenges and expands the theoretical underpinnings of a resilience framework, which has been largely defined by psychologists. These data were primarily derived from 80 in-depth interviews he conducted with 50 Queer Latino males from various colleges and universities in the United States. In addition, data were also drawn from three other sources, which included prompted group discussions among study participants via a private social media page; the collection of pictures taken by students on their campuses, and; personal artifacts shared by students representing significant events in their lives.