Message from Dr. Stella M. Flores, Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Diversity, NYU Steinhardt

Associate Dean Flores

Welcome to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website for the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity at NYU Steinhardt. This space was created to showcase the diversity, knowledge base, and educational programming by and for Steinhardt faculty and staff on issues related to creating an institutional climate that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and professional development. As Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Diversity, I hope you will find our combined faculty, school and scholarly community efforts of interest and useful to creating more inclusive climates in your own contexts. This office and position were created in 2015 by Dean Dominic Brewer in response to faculty requests for more attention to diversity and development initiatives. Dr. Charlton McIlwain, served as the inaugural Associate Dean from 2015 to 2017. We thank him for his visionary efforts that created a number of significant contributions and strategic program building for the core elements of this office.

This website features some of the pillars of the development and diversity work developed since 2015 that include members of our advisory Diversity Council, Knowledge Partner sessions designed to bring more educational best practices on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion to NYU faculty and staff, as well as our unique faculty pipeline program known as Faculty First Look Scholars, a competitive program that trains advanced doctoral students across the nation on how to prepare for the faculty and research job market. This office works in collaboration with the Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, Pamela Morris, and is supported by the efforts of Associate Director of Faculty Development and Diversity Usheevii King, J.D.

My mission is to keep NYU-Steinhardt at the forefront of the best diversity-related strategies and practices for promoting a climate of equity, inclusion, social change and professional development that benefit all faculty. These efforts are not solely of one office but of many individuals across the school dedicated to these principles.

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NYU Steinhardt Diversity Innovation Grant Awardees

NYU Steinhardt Diversity Innovation Grant Awardees

Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity, Stella Flores, awarded Steinhardt faculty members Nisha Sajnani, Maria Hodermarska, Heather Woodley, Joe Salvatore Kristie Patten Koenig, for their projects that promoting programming that raise awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The award-winning projects include a play highlighting the experience of students and mental health providers of color, training, living, and working in New York City; an art-based interactive project offering an opportunity for NYU students, faculty, field mentors, and local teachers, families and students to learn together, ask questions, and share ideas and perspectives on education; a series of short films that will offer information on neurodiversity to the University community; and a project flips race and gender to parses out the impact of implicit biases.

NYU Professor Uli Baer hosts New Podcast on Free Speech

Join NYU Professor Uli Baer on his podcast Think About It where he speaks with leading thinkers about powerful ideas. The first series of conversations explore the free speech controversies on campus and in other contexts. Look for his forthcoming book What ‘Snowflakes’ Get Right About Free Speech: On Speech, Equality, and Truth in the Age of Trump deepens an argument first made in the New York Times.

NYU Steinhardt Faculty First-Look Program Featured in Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine

Faculty First Look Fall 2018 Reception

On October 10 and 11, 2018, NYU Steinhardt hosted the second annual Faculty First-Look Scholars program – a program designed to provide professional development opportunities for current doctoral/terminal degree students from historically underrepresented groups who are preparing for faculty or related scholarly careers. Thirty-one Ph.d. candidates, Faculty First-Look Scholars, from across the country participated in the first two-day session of the program (the next session scheduled for two days in March 2019) along with a guest journalist LaMont Jones from Diverse Issues in Higher Education, who covered the program and published this story. Look here for the full feature article in November issue of Diverse Issues in Higher Education.


Above image includes NYU Steinhardt Visiting Scholar-in-Residence, Ruben Blades with Faculty First-Look Scholars during the fall reception.
Photo Credit: Ben Ouriel

Korean American Families in Immigrant America: How Teens and Parents Navigate Race

NYU Steinhardt Professor Sumie Okazaki and Professor Nancy Abelmann (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) recently co-authored Korean American Families in Immigrant America: How Teens and Parents Navigate Race, a book that shed’s light on today’s dynamics and openly discusses the challenges and difficulties Asian American families face navigating theU.S.’s racialized landscape. 

The professors interviewed over 200 Korean American teens and parents and then focused on five families with young adults in greater depth.  Further, the book contributes to a rare ethnography of family life, following the select families through the transition from teenagers to young adults, to a field that has largely considered the immigrant and second generation in isolation from one another. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods and by focusing on both generations, the books deeply explores ideas that defy easy classifications as “Korean” or “American” and turns the tables on the conventional image of the Asian American immigrant family.

Professor Joe Salvatore announces projects for The Verbatim Performance Lab

Steinhardt Diversity Council Member Joe Salvatore announces projects for The Verbatim Performance Lab for 2018-2019

 The Verbatim Performance Lab (VPL) is a project of the Program in Educational Theatre at NYU Steinhardt. The VPL investigates and performs words and gestures collected from found media artifacts and interview-based data. Through these investigations, the Lab disrupts assumptions, biases, and intolerances across a spectrum of political, cultural, and social experiences. No(body) but nobody, is a gender-flipped video exploration of Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines. The project features Steinhardt Educational Theatre doctoral student Laura Cabochan performing Duterte.

Stay tuned and follow the VPL as some of its future projects include the Kavanaugh hearings and the Serena Williams Project.

Faculty First-Look Scholar Program

Faculty First-Look (FFL) provides professional development opportunities for current doctoral/terminal degree students from historically underrepresented groups who are preparing for faculty or related scholarly careers. FFL is a year-long program that provides participants on-site and virtual instructional and social engagement with Steinhardt faculty, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, deans, and administrators, to help participants better understand and prepare to launch their faculty careers. Eligible participants include doctoral/terminal degree candidates working in fields represented among Steinhardt’s faculty, departments and research centers. We primarily consider applicants from African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, or Alaskan Native descent, and others who are underrepresented and underserved in the Academy and/or at Steinhardt. Eligible candidates must also commit to being able to travel to NYC once in the Fall semester, and once in the Spring semester.

The application period for Faculty First-Look 2018-19 is now closed.  We are proud to announce the Faculty First-Look Scholars for 2018-2019

Please visit  Faculty First-Look information page for more details about the criteria and submissions. 

Virtual Reality: The New Frontier for Balance Research

Virtual Reality

Usually, when we hear the words ‘virtual reality’ we think of gaming or entertainment. But researchers at NYU are exploring a new application for virtual reality:  balance control. Balance researcher and assistant professor of physical therapy at NYU Steinhardt, Anat Lubetzky teamed up with Ken Perlin, professor of computer science at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and director of NYU’s Future Reality Lab to bring new innovation to the field of personal health.  Read more about using virtual reality with patients with balance problems

Inside Books: An Interview with Lisa Stulberg on the Politics of U.S. LGBTQ Social Movements

LGBTQ Social Movements by Lisa M. Stulberg

Lisa Stulberg is an associate professor, sociology of education. In her most recent book, LGBTQ Social Movements (Polity, 2018) she charts the course of the LGBTQ social change in the United States since World War II.  To learn more about what prompted her to write this book or simply learn something you may not know about the history of the LGBTQ movement, read the full interview.

NYU Steinhardt Awarded More Than $4 Million from NSF for STEM Education Research

Student and Teacher

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded NYU Steinhardt three grants totaling more $4 million dollars for research working to improve computer science and computational thinking in elementary schools and middle schools.  The grants seek to address the need to prepare early childhood through high school students with necessary computing skills necessary to successfully participate the world. Read more about this grant and the NSF grant awarded to develop a year-long fifth-grade science curriculum with a focus on English learners that integrates computational modeling .