A Smooth Transfer to NYU

One of the most important aspects of the transfer process is planning.  In fact, studies have shown that community college students who transfer to a 4-year university with clear goals and a specific major earn their Bachelor’s degrees at higher and faster rates.  This blog post is dedicated to prospective CCTOP students who might want assurance that they’re taking the right steps to a smooth transfer to NYU.  


As I mentioned earlier, planning is an essential component to the transfer process because you want to make sure the courses you take at your community college will contribute to your Bachelor’s degree.  In most cases, an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts can set you up to transfer as many credits as possible into your 4-year university.  This is because Liberal Arts programs will cover many general education requirements that are the bulk of courses many students take during their first two years at a 4-year university.  This can vary depending on your specific major so it’s always important to check the specifics.  

For students applying from one of CCTOP’s partner community colleges, we can help you plan your coursework to make sure you’re taking appropriate courses for your Bachelor’s degree!  Email us your unofficial transcript and let us know the major you are interested in.  You can send this over as early as your first semester in your community college.  The earlier you begin planning, the better!  

One final note on planning coursework.  The courses that are requirements for your Bachelor’s major should mostly be taken at the 4-year university you plan to attend.  For example, many students who major in Nutrition at their community college and earn 68 credits may not be able to transfer all of those credits to NYU’s food studies major.  In fact, it’s possible that 40 or less of those credits will transfer to the university.  Taking those major requirements at NYU is what makes your degree uniquely NYU.  This goes back to the idea of thinking of your time at community college as similar to the first two years of classes for students at 4-year universities.  Planning these courses correctly and earning as many transferrable credits as possible is also cost-effective.  


Even though CCTOP offers a generous scholarship, NYU is expensive.  Students need to transfer a minimum of 48 credits to be eligible receive their CCTOP scholarship, but they are able to transfer a maximum of 72 credits to NYU Steinhardt.  We recommend that students get as close to 72 transferrable credits as possible before transferring to NYU. The cost at a community college is significantly less expensive than at NYU, so the more courses that you transfer into NYU, the more money you will save.  

Another resource available to community college students is Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the official honor society for community colleges.  Membership into PTK can qualify you for many other scholarships down the line in your educational journey.  At NYU specifically, PTK members with GPAs of 3.8 or higher at their community colleges are eligible for an additional $2,500 per year.  With that, it is important to study hard and earn strong grades in your courses.  Other scholarships specific to community college students can be found here.  

The tips on this blog post are targeted towards prospective CCTOP students. Other schools that you are considering transferring to have different transfer policies and scholarship opportunities so it is important to consider your options! If you have any questions, please comment below or email us at cctop@nyu.edu.  

Good luck!