CCTOP Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Cachola

Enormous amounts of pressure are placed on individuals to know what their passions are.  As soon as children are able to speak, someone is asking what they want to be when they grow up.  Even before children are born, parents have aspirations for how their child will contribute to the world.  Thus, people spend their lives trying to find their passions, but somehow, it is often your passions that end up finding you.

This is most certainly the case for Jennifer Cachola, an alumna of NYU, BMCC, and CCTOP.  As a graduate of NYU Steinhardt’s program in Media, Culture, and Communication, Cachola intended to pursue a career in advertising or post-production after graduating from NYU.  Instead, Cachola found a hidden passion in advising and higher education as she helped other students from BMCC through the transfer process while she was in her first semester as an undergraduate in NYU’s CCTOP.

Photo of Jennifer Cachola

“When I was helping my fellow classmates transfer to NYU and answer any questions they may have had during the process, I realized I want to help future generations by providing guidance for them and connect them to the necessary resources in order to eventually achieve what they want out of their education: success!” – Jennifer Cachola, NYU ‘16

Instead of working in media as she initially expected, Cachola now works as an academic advisor at BMCC’s Academic Advisement & Transfer Center.  One of her primary responsibilities is serving as the BMCC advisor liaison to CCTOP.  Cachola helps connect students at BMCC to different opportunities and transfer programs around the state of New York.  In terms of her current role, Cachola feels like “I have found my calling by providing guidance to students in order to achieve their goals towards their career path.  It is not an easy task especially when we [advisors] don’t always have all the answers, but as long as we can direct them and let students know that these goals are attainable and there are people who will help along the way, I know I am making a difference.”  Cachola is currently searching for a graduate program that best suits her and that will help evolve her ultimate career goal, which is to continue in higher education.  The CCTOP and NYU community are proud of Cachola’s work and wish her luck in all her future endeavors!