Mathew Cullen: Stay Positive and Eat Ice Cream!

Mathew Cullen is a CCTOP scholar who transferred from Westchester Community College into NYU Steinhardt’s program in Nutrition and Dietetics.  He’s also a member of NYU’s graduating class of 2018!  Since enrolling at NYU, he feels he has been able to meet amazing and influential people from all over the world.  Mathew has also found great communities at NYU during his time here while also reaping academic benefits that will help him reach his goals.  

Photo of Mathew Cullen

One of Mathew’s professional goals is to become a registered dietitian and receive his Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (CDN) credential.  In addition to the health factors related to nutrition, Mathew also has an interest in the culture around food and food fads like New York City’s eclectic fusion cuisines and coffee fanatics.  Ultimately, he wants to focus on long-term geriatric care within the medical nutrition field.

Mathew is involved in several extracurricular activities at NYU.  He is a member of club EAT, a club that builds community between nutrition, dietetics, and food studies students at NYU.  Some events include film screenings, cooking demos, and career development. Mathew is also part of the Men’s Group at NYU’s LGBTQ Student Center.  Within both of these communities, Mathew feels grateful for the “truly amazing and influential people from backgrounds across the world” who he has met.  

Mathew values the importance of finding your own community within the larger NYU community.  When asked what advice he would offer to new CCTOP students at NYU, he recommends staying positive, taking a deep breath when needed, and eating ice cream!  He is a true nutrition student!

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