CCTOP Alumni Spotlight: Madeline Abreu

Madeline Abreu is currently a Master’s student in NYU’s Silver School of Social Work.  She transferred to NYU through CCTOP from Bronx Community College and was a member of CUNY’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP).  As a social worker, Madeline hopes to support people similar to the ways she was supported as a student at BCC and NYU.  Photo of Madeline Abreu

In Madeline’s college journey, there are three specific people who she feels have impacted her trajectory.  One person is her academic advisor at ASAP, Jessica Cabrera.  ASAP’s mission is to support students holistically to ensure they earn their Associate’s degree in three years or less, and Jessica Cabrera always kept Madeline grounded, reminding her she was able to do whatever she wanted.  Her Phi Theta Kappa advisor Yvonne Erazo and CCTOP Director Jackie McPhillips have also been sources of inspiration and support for Madeline.

Madeline’s goal as a social worker is to help students from her community transition and acclimate to college.  She wants to “be a liaison and advocate for students who may not know how to navigate the system in higher education.”  In the same way that Madeline’s advisors and mentors helped remind her that she is capable of accomplishing her goals, Madeline wants to help other students believe that attaining a degree in higher education is possible!

Overall, attending NYU has been a monumental accomplishment for Madeline.  Her success here has shown her that she is capable of much more than she ever thought possible.  Her next big goal is to complete a bicycle tour (long distance cycling) this summer from the Bronx, New York to Orlando, Florida!  CCTOP wishes her luck and a safe journey!

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