Amanda Yodice: Don’t Sweat the Small Things

I recently had the chance to learn about Amanda Yodice’s experience as a CCTOP student at NYU.  Amanda transferred into Steinhardt’s program in Media, Culture, and Communication from Suffolk County Community College and graduated in 2016!  She recently joined the Havas Formula consumer team as a public relations Account Executive.  Amanda speaks candidly about how NYU prepared her for this role and any challenges she encountered as a transfer student.  

Photo of Amanda Yodice

Amanda loves working in public relations precisely because it is face-paced.  There is never a slow day and she gets to be creative through storytelling, sharing important news about her clients.  Amanda knows that her internship experiences in college definitely helped her figure out the industry she wanted to work in.  Amanda recommends that students try to explore different types of internships as often as possible. You can confirm a passion or at least learn that a particular field just isn’t a good fit!  

Another memorable experience for Amanda was participating in the Global Leadership Summit in 2015 at NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus.  The topic of the summit dealt with the importance of ethics in leadership  Not only was the program informative, Amanda got to meet fellow students from NYU’s schools in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi!  Amanda knew many students who knew of the summit but did not apply for it because they didn’t feel qualified. To that Amanda responds, “Always apply to everything you want!”  

When Amanda first transitioned to NYU, she experienced feelings of inadequacy.  Eventually, she learned that these feelings came from her own insecurities and she reminded herself everyday that she was just as deserving as her classmates to be at NYU no matter her origins.  The best piece of advice Amanda can offer to a current CCTOP student is to not worry about the little things. The number one question she gets asked in interviews is, “How did you handle something that went wrong at your previous job?”  From Amanda’s point of view, employers care more about how you overcome obstacles instead of how you revel in your successes. “School and life are going to throw you curve balls… you’ll still be successful if you can bounce back.”

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