Emine Lihari: Actualizing Your Dreams

From a young age, Emine knew she wanted to be a child psychiatrist.  This is partly because she grew up with a family member who had mental disabilities, leading to her developing an interest in the mental health field.  Emine recently took a big step towards reaching this goal as she is a new CCTOP scholar in NYU Steinhardt’s program in applied psychology!  Here at CCTOP, we know Emine will be successful based on the diligence and hard work she puts into accomplishing her goals.  

Photo of Emine Lihari

At Kingsborough Community College, Emine majored in mental health.  In these courses, she learned her specific interests were in childhood trauma and also met Professor Susan Ednie who played a large role in motivating and encouraging Emine.  One of the ways that Professor Ednie made a positive impression on Emine is the way she always responded to student questions enthusiastically and never dismissed someone’s opinion.  

Professor Ednie is also the person that introduced Emine to CCTOP and nominated her for the scholarship!  She was able to help Emine keep this goal in mind as she continued her studies at KBCC and eventually transferred.  When considering how Professor Ednie impacted Emine, she pointed out that “she believed in me without any doubts, and that really built the courage in me.”  Emine took that courage and motivation she built up at KBCC and successfully transferred to NYU!  

In terms of the transfer application process, Emine offers some words of wisdom that future students may want to consider:  the process can be simple as long as you complete it in a timely manner.  Some of the ways Emine tackled to application was by completing it in small steps.  First, completing the basic family and demographic information.  After that, she gave herself two weeks to write, review, and edit her essays.  During that time, she also requested official documents be sent to receiving institutions.  Any students in the middle of the transfer application process should definitely find a way to complete their application in small doses! 

Everyone at CCTOP is excited to see how Emine grows at NYU and looks forward to all her future accomplishments!  Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for further updates on our students’ successes!  

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