CCTOP Alumni Spotlight: Johnny Lozada

Johnny Lozada graduated from NYU’s program in applied psychology in 2015 after transferring from LaGuardia Community College. Since leaving NYU, Johnny has done some meaningful work at CUNY’s Fatherhood Academy and Quest to Learn. He now works as an academic advisor for Lehman College’s Adult Degree Program in the Bronx! One of the things Johnny enjoys most about his role as an advisor is that he gets to work with students that he has a lot in common with. He recognizes that he was on the other side of the desk not so long ago and this drives a lot of the passion he brings to the work.

Photo of Johnny Lozada

NYU prepared Johnny for his current position through courses like group dynamics and research methods. He knows that these courses gave him knowledge and skills that he applies to his everyday duties as an advisor like participating in public speaking events and 1-on-1 advising with students. Johnny’s favorite memory at NYU was being chosen to present at the Applied Psychology department’s research conference. It was the culmination of two semesters or hard work where many students got the chance to be acknowledged for their contributions to the field!

One challenge that Johnny faced as a transfer student at NYU was that he felt he had to re-learn how to be a student. NYU has quite a few differences from community colleges so Johnny knew that he had to adapt in order to be as successful as he was at LGCC. Although the experience was daunting, he is grateful because it prepared him for what employers now expect from him.

We are glad that Johnny was able to thrive at NYU and is now willing to share his successes with everyone at CCTOP! If he could give advice to a current CCTOP student, Johnny would tell you to “take a second to take it all in once in a while. You are part of the vibrant NYU community. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity… drink it in!”



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