Kari-Noor Thompson: Seizing Opportunities

Photo of Kari-Noor Thompson

Kari-Noor Thompson is a CCTOP student in NYU’s educational theatre program.  He transferred to NYU from BMCC and aspires to teach theatre education in the Middle East, in urban communities, and prisons.  One of the first pieces of advice Kari-Noor would give to a new CCTOP student is to “take advantage of all possible opportunities that present themselves to you.”  He has certainly followed his own advice and made the most out of what NYU has to offer!  

In addition to majoring in educational theatre, Kari-Noor is minoring in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.  In fact, he just returned from studying abroad in Abu Dhabi, and one of Kari-Noor’s favorite things about NYU is the substantial amount of study abroad opportunities .  Studying abroad in Abu Dhabi, he was given the opportunity to travel to some of the other Emirates and Oman, experiencing different traditional Arab dishes and forming friendships with other NYU students across NYU’s global network.  He enjoys being allowed to immerse himself in a culture that can be different from his own and meet new people.  

Photo of Kari-Noor Thompson

Kari-Noor and friend celebrating United Arab Emirates national day on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus.

Kari-Noor also recognizes that NYU has some of the best professors and staff for educational theatre in the world, so the educational theatre office is another one of his favorite things about NYU.  Educational theatre courses are unique and Kari-Noor feels that it is one of the only places on campus where he can unpack complex emotions and even turn sadness into happiness.   The Center for Multicultural Education and Programming (CMEP) has also been an important space for Kari-Noor.  CMEP provides Kari-Noor a safe space to further discuss issues pertaining to social justice and leadership, allowing him to further explore his identity.  

Another piece of advice Kari-Noor would give to new CCTOP students is to not be afraid or ashamed of asking for help.  While at BMCC, Kari-Noor received help from everyone on the campus, from head administrators to students, and even security guards.  He also believes each one of these individuals who helped him contributed to his success.  Many people helped Kari-Noor grow not only as a student or only as an artist but as a human being as well.  The most important piece of advice he would offer to new students is to have fun!  Sometimes college can be an overwhelming place, but it can also be one of the most formative experiences of your life.  

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