CCTOP Alumni Spotlight: Catherine Martinez

CCTOP is proud to put the spotlight on the work of CCTOP alumna Catherine Martinez ‘17!  One of Catherine’s current projects is creating online makeup tutorials in sign language.  Her tutorials have received recent critical acclaim from media outlets like People, Today, and Refinery29!  I had the chance to learn more about Catherine’s inspiration behind making her makeup tutorials and the role that NYU played in shaping her experiences.  Don’t forget to checkout her YouTube channel to stay up do date on her work!

Photo of Catherine Martinez

Through Catherine’s experience, she’s learned that many people find video tutorials very useful, but they are often missing closed captioning that creates a barrier for people who are deaf or hearing impaired.  Catherine created her channel specifically to fill this gap and help facilitate the connection between this population and video tutorials in a way that makes people feel happy, comfortable, and welcome.  

Some of Catherine’s American sign language professors were helpful in shaping her idea of tutorials in sign language in addition to helping her feel comfortable communicating in that language.  She also feels that Dr. Kelly Bridges helped her develop a passion for anatomy and physiology.  In the future, Catherine plans on pursuing a career in Audiology and is currently applying to graduate audiology programs.  Everyone at NYU Steinhardt and CCTOP is extremely proud of Catherine’s great work and we wish her luck in all future endeavours!  

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