Bethanie Railling: A CCTOP Research Project

CCTOP is proud to put the spotlight on the great work of current student Bethanie Railling!  Bethanie transferred to NYU from BMCC and is majoring in Applied Psychology with honors.  She is currently working on a research project that has been inspired by her own experiences as a transfer student at NYU.  Bethanie is interested in studying the experiences of community college students at four-year institutions because she found her own transition difficult when trying to relate to her peers as a low-income student.  

Photo of Bethanie Railling

Bethanie’s love for research grew deeper when she took a research methods course with Dr. Erin Godfrey.  Bethanie is now working under the mentorship of Dr. Godfrey and Chrissy Campo for this project.  In the future, Bethanie plans to pursue a degree in higher education policy, specifically working with universities and their community college transfer students to address the gaps that could contribute to attrition and poor academic success.  She hopes to use her research findings to help support the transitions of future students in the CCTOP program and other transfer students at large.  

If you’re currently a CCTOP student, you should contribute your experiences to this important research project!  See a message from Bethanie below:  

Hello! My name is Bethanie Railling and I am an undergraduate student in the Department of Applied Psychology at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. I am currently conducting an honors research project on community-college transfer students at NYU. Under the direction of Dr. Erin Godfrey, I plan to investigate the transfer process from community college to NYU.  

This study seeks to examine specifically CCTOP students’ experiences at NYU. This study has been approved by the NYU IRB and CCTOP director. This study will ask questions about classroom comfort, peer academic support, student-faculty relationship quality, and feelings of belonging at NYU. Additionally, we will ask a few questions about your emotional well-being and academics. All survey responses will be anonymous.  Your response to these questions will help support the transition of future transfer students.

This study is a two-part survey, distributed at two time points.  All survey responses will be anonymous and your responses will not be linked to any identifiable information.  The first survey should take no longer than 15- 20 minutes to complete and is attached here:

At the end of the first survey, you will be directed to another link to enter your email address for a chance to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards. We will not be able to link your email address to your survey responses and your email will only be used to enter your in the raffle and notify you about whether you won.

The second survey will be emailed to you in January 2018 and should only take about 1-3 minutes to complete. At the end of the second survey, you will be directed to another page to enter your email again for another change to win one of five $10 Amazon gift cards.


Feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions or concerns at (231) 740-0106 or


Thank you for your time,

Bethanie Railling

Candidate for B.S. in Applied Psychology, 2018

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