Alumnus William Caballero (MA ’08) Premiers Documentary at the New York Latino Film Festival

Set against a backdrop of Coney Island and Fayetteville, North Carolina, the movie takes its title from Langston Hughes’ famous poem, ‘A Dream Deferred,’ in which the Harlem renaissance poet meditates on the future of our unrealized dreams. … “We wonder how could a father whose son has graduated from NYU with a graduate degree and such a bright future ahead of him be expected to sacrifice it all and stay behind in Fayetteville,” Louis says.

Institute Teaches How Communications Strategies Can Help Improve Global Health Problems

In July, 38 health and social development professionals hailing from as far away as Cambodia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zambia, attended Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioral Impact in Health and Social Development, a 3-week residential program at the Steinhardt School. The summer institute, co-sponsored by the World Health Organization, offered participants strategies for achieving behavioral results […]

Jack Buckley Is Nominee for Commissioner of National Center for Education Statistics Post, U.S. Department of Education

The White House this week announced President Obama’s intention to nominate Jack Buckley, associate professor of applied statistics in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, to the position of Commissioner of Education Statistics, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education. The position requires Senate confirmation. Previously, Buckley served as the Deputy Commissioner […]

Doctoral Student Onnie Rogers Awarded Spencer Grant for Race and Gender Research

Onnie Rogers, a doctoral student in developmental psychology in Steinhardt’s Department of Applied Psychology, has been awarded a fellowship from the Spencer Foundation to complete a dissertation entitled, ‘The Intersections of Race and Gender in An All-Black Male School: Racial and Gender Identity, Psychological Well-Being, and Academic Performance.’ Rogers’ research examines gender and racial identity […]

Dance Education Conferences Offer Panels, Performances, Immersion

Master classes, performances, yoga for dancers, and choreography studies are just some of the offerings this July at NYU as Steinhardt’s Dance Education Program hosts two conferences: CORPS de Ballet International and World Dance Alliance-Americas Global Dance Events. Interested participants are welcome to register for: CORPS de Ballet International, Bodies of Knowledge: Ballet and Academe, […]

In Studies Across Disciplines, Steinhardt’s Social Scientists Challenge Deeply Held Beliefs About Gender

Niobe Way When psychologist Niobe Way set out to study friendships among teenagers from low-income families, she expected to find that boys were more interested in playing basketball with their friends than having deep, meaningful, heart-to-heart conversations. What she found instead is that boys are deeply vulnerable and speak with passion and sensitivity about their […]