Global Environmental Education is Topic of UN Session

Howard Schiffman, a visiting associate professor of environmental conservation education, took part in a UN side event sponsored by the  Earth Child Institute during the United Nation’s Commission on Sustainable Development meeting on April 30, 2012.  Current and former NYU Steinhardt teaching and learning students presented information about the “Global Action Classroom,” a project undertaken […]

Gabriela Richard Awarded American Association of University’s Women Fellowship for Gaming Dissertation

Gabriela Richard, a doctoral student in the Steinhardt’s educational communication and technology program, received the AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship to complete her dissertation titled,  “Understanding Gender, Context and Video Game Culture for the Development of Equitable Educational Games and Learning Environments.” Richard’s dissertation seeks to understand the influence that player’s culture and gender has on […]

Steinhardt Faculty and Students Receive NYU’s NIA Awards for Promoting Social Justice

The Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, a department in NYU’s Division of Students Affairs, has announced its 2012 Nia Awards.  The Nia (Swahili word meaning purpose) recognize the achievements of members of the NYU community who promote diversity and social justice in their work for NYU and New York City communities. W.E.B DuBois/ Nelson […]

Smita Rao and Physical Therapy Students Deconstruct High Heel Shoe Pain

In the paper, “Pretty pathways to pain: muscle activation in high-heeled shoes,” Assistant Professor Smita Rao and students in the Department of Physical Therapy looked at muscle activity and joint loads in women wearing high heeled shoes. According to the researchers, foot pain affects 15-37% of all people, and is particularly prevalent in women and […]

Steinhardt Abroad: Studying the Culture of Higher Education in Turkey

In March, master’s and doctoral students in Global Perspectives in Higher Education traveled to Turkey to study its higher education system. Led by Professors Teboho Moja and Ann Marcus, the group visited public and private universities in Istanbul, Ankara, and the city of Nigde in central Anatolia. At each university, they met with rectors, faculty […]

Carolyn Dimitri to Study the Economics of Urban Farming with $453,000 USDA Grant

Carolyn Dimitri, associate professor of food studies, has been thinking about sustainable food systems for more than twenty years.  A food economist, Dimitri studies the impact that the marketing, distribution, and production of foods have on our ecosystem, health, and the businesses involved in our food system. “I was inspired to look into food systems […]

MCC’s Aaron Cohen Takes Us “Inside the Internet Garage”

NYU Steinhardt’s new interview series, “Inside the Internet Garage,” launches April 24 and features personal reflections on the first 20 years of internet history from some of the internet’s leading personalities. Adjunct professor and INC@NYU founder, Aaron Cohen, talks more about the upcoming series: First and foremost, what is INC@NYU? INC @NYU stands for the […]

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