Empowering Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders is the Goal of Newly Launched “Keeping it Real” Project

“If we are going to keep it real about autism, we must have autistic individuals take the lead in educating others about their experience,” said Kristie Patten Koenig, NYU Steinhardt assistant professor of occupational therapy and project director of the “Keeping it Real” campaign. “Additionally, we have to partner with advocates to encourage a strength-based […]

Math Anxiety is the Focus of a Study by Rose Vukovic of Department of Teaching and Learning

124 + 329 = tummy ache. According to a recent study by Rose Vukovic, NYU Steinhardt professor of teaching and learning, math gives some New York City students stomach aches, headaches, and a quickened heartbeat. In short, math makes these children anxious. “Math anxiety hasn’t really been looked at in children in early elementary grades,” said […]

Teboho Moja and Randolph Mowry Receive Steinhardt’s Clinical Faculty Fellowship

Teboho Moja, clinical professor of higher education, and Randolph Mowry, clinical associate professor of applied psychology, are recipients of the Steinhardt School’s Clinical Faculty Fellowship. The fellowship provides faculty members with research support and a reduced teaching load so they can carry out a proposed project.  The school’s fellowship program was created to ensure clinical faculty members, appointed for practical […]

Experts in Education Field Come Together at NYU Steinhardt to Discuss Implementing and Evaluating Common Core State Standards

In coming years, teachers and administrators throughout the country will be integrating Core Common State Standards into their classrooms.   The new standards, adopted by forty-five states and three U.S. territories, will require instructors to teach content material in a way that will help students develop critical thinking and analytic skills so that they can […]

Tae Hong Park of Music Department Receives Grant from Google To Create a Sound Map

Tae Hong Park, an associate professor of music technology and composition, has received a $59,000 Google Research Award for “Citygram One: Visualizing Urban Acoustic Ecology,” a large-scale interdisciplinary project that seeks to create a sound map for cities and urban environments.  Ajay Kapur, director CalArts’ program in music technology, is collaborating on the project. ‘Citygram […]

CTSI Pilot Award from National Institute of Health Supports Occupational Therapy Protocol for Evaluating Elderly at Risk of Falling

The risk of falling increases with age, and the chance of serious injury increases with each fall.  For elderly patients with dementia, assessment and management of fall-risk are not a routine part of standard clinical care. With a pilot award from Langone Medical Center’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Jane Bear-Lehman, associate professor and chair […]

Facebook Refusal: Hipster Trend or Activist Movement? NYU Steinhardt Researcher Explores Media Refusal Phenomenon

  Laura Portwood-Stacer, visiting assistant professor of media, culture, and communication at NYU Steinhardt, has recently published a study of people who quit Facebook and how the media cover the phenomenon of Facebook refusal. “People have a variety of reasons for quitting or refusing a platform like Facebook,” said Portwood-Stacer, “Yet many media accounts of […]

Steinhardt Research Analysis Shows Increasing Evidence Linking Diet and Acne

Jennifer Burris, researcher and doctoral candidate within NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, and her colleagues Kathleen Woolf of NYU Steinhardt and William Rietkerk of New York Medical College and Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, conducted a literature review to evaluate evidence for the diet-acne connection during three distinctive time periods: […]

Catherine Gurriero, Adjunct Professor, Receives NYU’s Martin Luther King Faculty Award

Catherine Guerriero, an adjunct associate professor in Steinhardt’s Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology, has been awarded NYU’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award. The award is presented annually to five faculty members at NYU who exemplify King’s spirit through their teaching, public service, leadership, and community-building activities. Guerriero, an active participant in the New […]