Researchers to Study Afghanistan’s Education System Under USAID, Danish International Development

Researchers at the Steinhardt School  will examine Afghanistan’s schools and help its Ministry of Education assess the sustainability of community-based schools in a research initiative backed by grants from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). Currently, many schools in Afghanistan are run by local communities, with the […]

From NYU Stories: Afghans Want Schools, The Hard Part Is Getting Their Children There

Afghans Want Schools, The Hard Part Is Getting Their Children There. When Steinhardt professor Dana Burde arrived in Afghanistan in 2005, the nation’s school participation rates were dismal; by 2007, only 37 percent of primary school-age children attended. And of those, most were boys; in rural areas, the gender gap in enrollment was 17 percentage points. […]

Celebrating the Life of Science at the S. Jhumki Basu STEME Education and Research Center

In Feburary, the Steinhardt School celebrated the opening of the S. Jhumki Basu STEME Education and Research Center with a ribbon-cuttng ceremony and science expo.  The S. Jhumki Basu STEME Education and Research Center is a 6,000 square foot technology-rich environment that serves as a classroom, research laboratory, and collaborative space for STEME educators at all phases of […]

Testing, Measurement, and Educational Policy Is Topic of Steinhardt’s Education Policy Breakfast

Steinhardt’s February 2014 Education Policy Breakfast session, “The Benefits of Testing… and Its Consequences,” brought together members of the education community for a conversation on testing and teacher assessment. Howard Wainer, distinguished research scientist at the National Board of Medical Examiners, and former principal research scientist at the Educational Testing Service, and George Noell, a professor of psychology at […]

High School Seniors’ Marijuana Use Expected to Increase with Legalization, Study by NYU Researchers Finds

Researchers found that 10 percent of non-lifetime marijuana users surveyed reported that they would try marijuana if legal National support for marijuana (“cannabis“) legalization is increasing in the United States (US). Recreational use was recently legalized in the states of Colorado and Washington; other states across the country are expected to follow suit. To date, […]

From NYU Stories: Steinhardt Media Students Get Inside Scoop on The Wire

“I’m not an academic, I’m not a sociologist,” said Bill Zorzi, by way of introducing himself, one recent evening, to a roomful of Steinhardt media, culture, and communication students studying the HBO series The Wire. “I’m just an old newspaper man.” Zorzi, a longtime Baltimore Sun political reporter and friend of The Wire showrunner David Simon, wrote for the […]

At NYU Steinhardt, A Global Program for Leaders in Visual Arts Management

Steinhardt’s International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management (ILPVAM) is a professional development program and partnership between NYU Steinhardt (New York University), the Deusto Business School (Deusto University) in Bilbao, and the Guggenheim Bilbao. In February, students hailing from countries as diverse as Mexico, Australia, and Kuwaiti came to New York City for a week of […]

Can Babies Learn to Read? No, Steinhardt Study Finds

Can babies learn to read? While parents use DVDs and other media in an attempt to teach their infants to read, these tools don’t instill reading skills in babies, a study by researchers at NYU Steinhardt has found. “While we cannot say with full assurance that infants at this age cannot learn printed words, our […]

At Government Hearing, Jim Kemple of Research Alliance for New York City Schools, Gives Testimony on Educational Research

James Kemple, executive director of the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, gave testimony in September at a hearing entitled, “Educational Research:  Exploring Opportunities to Strengthen the Institute of Educational Sciences.”  Convened by the House Committee on Education and Workforce, the hearing was chaired by Rep. John Kline. The Institute of Education Sciences gathers […]