Open Letter from Steinhardt Professors and Peers Encourages Investing in Early Childhood Education

On November 12, more than 500 researchers and academics from across the country, along with the National Institute for Early Education Research and the First Five Years Fund, released an open letter urging policymakers to support greater investments in high-quality early childhood education. The letter cites evidence in human development, psychology, education, and economics – […]

When Patient and Therapist Play Themselves: Robert Landy, Playwright and Drama Therapist, Talks about ‘Borderline’

At NYU Steinhardt, the conversation starter of the season is the musical, Borderline, which runs four nights at the Provincetown Playhouse.  The play, starring Jill Powell (as patient) and Cecilia Dintino, Ph.D. (as therapist), is the story of Powell’s ten-year treatment with Dintino for borderline personality disorder.  The play is like any 50-minute session – complicated […]

NYU Steinhardt to Support Pre-K for All

NYU Steinhart’s Institute of Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC) is partnering with the New York City Department of Education and the NYC Center for Economic Opportunity to provide educators with the tools they need to monitor and support the quality of universal pre-K programs. In September, New York City launched an ambitious expansion of […]

Richard Arum Leads Discussion on Transition from College to Adulthood

On Nov. 3, the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy hosted a seminar to discuss Aspiring Adults Adrift: Tentative Transitions of College Students, a new book by Richard Arum, NYU professor of sociology and education, and Josipa Roksa of the University of Virginia. Arum and Roksa’s 2011 book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, […]

The Changing Landscape of American Higher Education Is Topic of Lecture Sponsored by Steinhart Institute for Higher Education Policy

Andrew Delbanco, author of College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be (Princeton University Press, 2012), spoke at an event sponsored by the Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy on October 29th.  In a lecture titled, Interesting Times: Reflections on America’s Colleges, Delbanco described higher education as an enterprise in flux, beleaguered by bad public relations, […]

Led by Pamela Morris, National Study on Head Start CARES Shows Positive Impact on Teacher Practice and Children’s Behavior

A large national study of strategies for promoting the social and emotional development of preschoolers showed positive impacts on teacher practice and on children’s social and emotional outcomes. By improving social and emotional skills among preschoolers, the researchers hope that the children will have stronger peer relationships later on, and will perhaps spend more time […]