Steinhardt in the News: Ann Philbin (MA ‘82) Brings LA’s Hammer Museum to Prominence

Ann Philbin (MA ’82) and Steinhardt Dean Dominic Brewer at a reception at the Hammer Museum

In April, NYU Steinhardt welcomed 65 alumni and friends for an exclusive reception at the Hammer Museum at UCLA.  Hosted by Steinhardt Dean Dominic Brewer and museum director Ann Philbin (MA ’82), the event included a tour of the Hammer’s exhibits and collections spanning classic to contemporary art, and installations featuring innovative thinkers and cutting-edge artists.

Philbin, a graduate of Steinhardt’s visual arts administration program, and a former director of the Drawing Center in New York City, has served as the museum’s director for 19 years.  A recent LA Times article credits her for turning the Hammer into one of nation’s most enticing and risk-taking ventures.  In his profile, writer Jeffrey Fleishman notes that Philbin’s support for young and undiscovered artists has made the Los Angeles arts scene “one of the most dynamic in the world.”

Read Ann Philbin and the art of the provocative are thriving at the Hammer Museum


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