On Movie Night, Undergraduate Applied Psychology Students Discuss “My Depression”

Elizabeth Swados was an NYU professor whose dark, unconventional musicals earned her respect and acclaim in theatre circles.  Her documentary, “My Depression,” dove deep into the artist’s lifelong struggles with mental health and was the topic of a special movie screening for Department of Applied Psychology students on October 19th.

The event was hosted by Amanda Holda, undergraduate student advisor, and led by Laura Schneebaum, a Seminar I instructor.

After watching “My Depression,” the group discussed the effectiveness of visual arts in destigmatizing mental illness and the ways that community members can facilitate sharing and help others who reach out for support.

The session concluded with a conversation on the role that social media plays in breaking down stigma.  Using Post-it notes, students wrote messages and created a ‘Love Is Louder Than’ poster.  A project of the JED Foundation, the #LoveIsLouder campaign seeks to support those who feel mistreated, misunderstood, or alone.

The Applied Psychology Department’s Creative Arts program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to come together to discuss the relationship between art and mental health.