New Steinhardt Students Are Reading “Outcasts United” 

Outcasts United: An American Town, a Refugee Team, and One Woman’s Quest to Make a Difference by Warren St. John is this year’s required reading for Steinhardt’s Class of 2021.  The book will be discussed in the New Student Seminar, a course that offers students a way to explore their role in the community using the reading as a guide.

Outcasts United documents the social, political, and economic challenges faced by the town of Clarkson, Georgia, when it becomes a home for refugee families in flight from the world’s war zones.  St. John, a New York Times reporter, shows how soccer helps a group of adolescent  boys and their families adapt to American culture as they struggle with issues of persecution, post-traumatic stress disorder, and grief.

Outcast is a timely book that offers us a window into the refugee experience in America,” said Patricia Carey, associate dean for student affairs. “We think our students will find themselves in this book because it’s also about how we forge bonds and create community despite our differences.”