Inside Books: Building a New Educational State by Joan Malczewski

Building a New Educational State

Joan Malczewski, Associate Professor of History and Social Studies

In her new book, Building a New Educational State (University of Chicago Press, 2016), Malczewski explores the transformation of black education in North Carolina and Mississippi during the Jim Crow era. Drawing on extensive archival research, Malczewski shows the work behind the movement. She delves into the initiatives of foundations and reformers at the top, the impact of their work at the state and local level, and the agency of southerners—including those in rural black communities— to demonstrate the importance of schooling to political development in the South.

Malczweski is the recipient of  a Spencer Foundation, grant and an NYU Steinhardt Challenge IDEA Award.  Her work has been published in the History of Education Quarterly, Social History, and the Journal of Southern History.