Books from Our Faculty: Creativity Class by Lily Chumley

Creativity Class: Art School and Culture Work in Post-Socialist China

by Lily Chumley

Princeton University Press (2016)

China’s visual culture industries, from architecture to fine art to fashion, have seen enormous growth in the recent decades. Lily Chumley, assistant professor of media, culture and communication at NYU Steinhardt and author of Creativity Class: Art School and Culture Work in Post-Socialist China, writes that this development of new ideolog

ies of creativity and creative practices has and is continuing to reshape the training of a new generation of art school graduates.

Creativity Class is the first book to explore how Chinese art students develop, embody, and promote their own personalities and styles as they move from art school entrance test preparation, to art school, to work in the country’s burgeoning culture industries. Chumley draws on years of fieldwork in China’s leading art academies and art test prep schools to show how the interaction between Chinese policy, ideology, and economic pressures produce a unique form of commercial creativity and innovation that is vital in understanding today’s China.