Books from Our Faculty: Being and Becoming Scientists Today by Susan Kirch

Being and Becoming Scientists Today: Reconstructing Assumptions about Science and Science Education to Reclaim a Learner–Scientist Perspective

by Susan Kirch & Michele Amoroso

Sense Publishers (2016)
In Being and Becoming Scientists Today, Susan Kirch, associate professor of teaching and learning at NYU Steinhardt, and Michele Amoroso of the  New York City Department of Education, provide educators with a critique of and approach to science education.

“Anyone who works with children knows they can be adventurous explorers, curious investigators, astute observers, inference-making “machines,” imaginative arguers, relentless knowledge seekers, creative interpreters, and meticulous note keepers,” the authors write.

Kirch and Amoroso state that science is typically taught from a disciplinary perspective focused on feeding a particular set of information to students, without the students aware of the information’s purpose. The authors instead advocate for an approach that acknowledges the learner’s curiosity about the world and treats science as a collective process.