Bayo Fagbamila, a Master’s Student, Wins MLK Oratorical Contest for a Speech to Black Youth

Bayo Fagbamila, a master’s student in Steinhardt Educational Leadership, Politics and Advocacy Program, is the winner of the 2016 MLK Oratorical Contest.  The annual event, sponsored by Steinhardt’s Graduate Student Organization, honors the life and legacy of Martin Luther King’s Jr. through students’ original speeches.

In his speech “There Comes a Time to Be the Light,” Fagbamila used the example of Dr. King to inspire his audience to guide young minds to contribute good to the world.  “Our environment today is mentally toxic, especially to the malleable young mind. The advertisements, stereotypes, and selfish acts that are glorified in our society; all of these are infiltrating the minds of our youth. My goal is to tip the scale and contribute some good to the world,” he said.

Speaking directly to the youth he wanted to raise up in the world, Fagbamila said, “You are worthy.  Don’t limit yourself to the images you see on television. They use negative propaganda to influence us. Don’t listen to the lyrics in the songs that try to illustrate a lifestyle non-conducive to your royalty. We are Kings and Kweens of high moral character.”